I do have a terrible job

I don’t particularly hate my job, but I don’t love it either, so it only makes sense that I tend to hang on to the negative experiences there. This last week we have had to make do with no air conditioning as the HVAC team has been in running new ductwork in the building, and their presence alone is enough to drive me nuts. I am at a computer all day so the best part of central air system was just the fact that it circulated the air. Without the fans going, the air inside gets hot and stale real fast. Two weeks ago there was this overwhelming smell of decay that filled our office. It was being piped through the air vents, and I immediately thought we had something paranormal on our hands. When the HVAC technicians arrived they diagnosed the smell after pulling a dead squirrel out of the ducts. It was also discovered that the current ductwork was so filthy they advised that while they were there, they should replace the duct system before anything serious happens, people can get sick from that. These HVAC techs are just so inconsiderate, while they work, there’s a whole office that needs to work too! They’re loud and gross, and the mess they made in the communal kitchen was very offensive. I had even less patience and tolerance as I was forced to work with no air conditioning. The manager had set up a few portable a/c units in the windows, but the office was too big, and the heat from the computers was too much for it to cut through it. I’ll be glad when things go back to normal there.

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