I do love this home

When I first adopted my dog I had no clue that I would have to start planning my life around her. She requires a lot of care, however I love her so much that I don’t at all mind. I really have her spoiled. I recently had a remodeling done in my condo just so I wouldn’t be worrying about her while I was off at my job. I had a smart temperature device installed and connected to my cell, because it would allow me to adjust the temperature from anywhere. On a particularly warm day, I can get the A/C running for my pet so that I don’t have to worry about her becoming too hot while I’m away. I can also do the same on cold days by having the gas furnace run if it gets cold suddenly. One of the benefits of the system that I most enjoy is that I don’t have to leave the Heating and Air Conditioning component running all day while I’m gone. I have thought about the fact that doing this may cause my power bills to be high, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable about wasting that much energy. Don’t get me wrong, I’d do anything for my dog, but I’m happy to have discovered a way around having to run the A/C continually! When I got my dog, I had no concept of what I was actually getting myself into, but I’ve enjoyed having her around. She’s a perfect companion for me! I wouldn’t trade her for the world now, and I think it’s become very obvious that I would go to any lengths to ensure that she is comfortable at home.

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