I do struggle with motivation

When it rains, I will always refuse to leave our house, and since I work from home, I rarely have to leave it at all. But a few weeks ago, all of us were experiencing some pretty severe thunderstorms, and in addition to that, our air conditioning unit died right in the middle of the afternoon! I’d seen some issues with it for a while and I knew that it was undoubtedly something that had to do with the air compressor; while I wanted to actually go out and have a look at it, there was no way I’d be willing to battle that rain, so I decided to wait it out. However, after an hour, I was starting to get extremely uncomfortable in the home, and with the rain blowing I couldn’t even crack open a window to get the air moving. I soon decided to suck it up, grabbed my rain jacket, and headed out to do what I could with the unit. But I ended up out there for nearly an hour with the Heating and A/C unit, before I finally got it figured out! I finally was able to go in, dry off, and get back to work; but I also know that I’m going to have to invest in a modern heating and cooling system in the very near future. I’ll hold off on that as long as I can, since I want to save up before I have a replacement done. I’m expecting it to be pretty pricey, so I think if I manage to keep the heating and cooling unit viable for another month or so, I’ll feel much more comfortable when the time comes to replace it.

HVAC technician