I do try to work hard

My Uncle is the head of the local heating, ventilation and air conditioning supply store.  He has been running the business for over twenty years now, and he is so cool. He told me that he took a lot of classes to certify for HVAC when he was right out of high school.  Apparently he really liked doing that kind of work, because that was over thirty years ago. He got right out of HVAC school, and he started working for the local HVAC contractor. Now, it seems that whenever someone in the family has a problem with their HVAC system, it is my uncle that they go to for advice.  I know that my aunt gets upset because she says they only want to keep him around because he usually gives them free service, but that isn’t fair, because I just think he is a lot of fun. Last month, I bought a condominium for myself. I love my new home, but summer has arrived and I am having problems with my air conditioning.  I’m not sure what is wrong, because I never had any dealings with the AC. I called and I told my uncle that the AC seemed to not be putting out any air. I can hear it turning on, but what air comes from the air vents, is a very weak airflow. He told me that I should check my air filters. He said the old owners may not have changed the air filters and when they get clogged, it suppresses the airflow through the ductwork.  I hung up and checked my air filter and sure enough, it was clogged with dirt.