I don’t know about this

My husband is a long-distance truck driver and may be away from home for several weeks at a time. When he is gone, I am left at home alone with our newborn son and four cats. Before the birth of our kid, I was great with being alone in the cabin for long periods of time as I am a pro at self-defense. Now things are truly different. I guess it is motherly instinct, but I worry about him constantly. I get all these nightmare scenarios running through my head that I just can’t seem to get rid of.

             It has gotten so terrible that I had a security repair come in and set up a security system in the house. I have every window and door alarmed, plus surveillance cameras in the front and back of the house, automated lights and motion detection! My partner thinks I’m losing my mind, but he doesn’t understand the fear I feel for our son. What if someone broke as put our baby in harm’s way? I couldn’t live with myself knowing I let that happen through negligence.

            My husband is thinking of our well-being and is trying to get a transfer to a local route. The money isn’t as much, but he would be home almost every night. I think that will help allay some of my fear, but I will not be giving up the security system no matter how many days a week he is here. At least, not until our son is grown..

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