I don’t know if she’ll ever go outside again

My little sister Jenny is scared to death of bees, and wasps, nast yellowjackets, you name it, and she’s even scared of honeybees, despite the fact that I have told her over & over that particular kinds of bees aren’t mean.

She honestly doesn’t seem to know I’m right, though.

She seems to suppose that all of the bees on the earth are just put here in the beginning for one reason & that’s to torment her & make her life miserable! I remember once when she was trying to get out of her vehicle to quickly come inside after university & she saw a bee flying around outside the front of her vehicle. After that, she literally stayed in her vehicle for 3 eighths until I got to the beach house so that I could shoo away the stupid bee so she could run for cover inside the house. I suppose that Jenny may absolutely be dealing with a full blown phobia when it comes to these regular old bees! I don’t suppose that it’s normal to be so afraid of them. She doesn’t happen to have a bee allergy or anything like that. She is just afraid of being quickly stung or attacked by one of them or a swarm of them. It makes myself and a few others infuriated with her half the time! Our parents even ended up calling a residential bee eradication & rescue repair company last summer around this time so she would even come out of the house & lay by the pool, otherwise, she refused to even come out of the house.


Commercial bee removal