I don’t know where I would be without great friends

To be entirely straight with you I don’t actually know where I would be separate from my friends! Back when I moved halfway across the country down south to pursue obtaining a college degree I knew basically nothing about the South plus nobody from this area.

During my first few weeks I was feeling truly lonely. As the Summer season was coming into full effect I was also starting to feel pretty much like I had moved to a miserably overheated alien planet… Then one day while I was out on a jog I ended up running into this very kind lady who also happened to be on a run who could tell that I needed a venue to cool off before I had a heatstroke. She ended up taking me to a cafe a few blocks away that had some beautiful air conditioning. As I soaked up the A/C we continued talking plus getting to actually know one another. This very kind lady went on to tell me that her name was Sandra plus she worked as a Heating plus A/C equipment repair professional for a living. My father used to task as a Heating plus A/C equipment repair tech before he retired not too long ago so we had something in common. I didn’t realize it at the time, however Sandra would end up becoming my best friend who remains my preferred person on this planet to this day. Now that I have made friends with Sanra plus some other fantastic people the South finally has started to feel more like home.

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