I don’t like this outdoor weather

My wife and I really enjoy exercising to stay fit. Sometimes we go running, other times we play tennis or simply ride our bikes. The summer heat typically scares most folks off the road, or tennis court, or whatever people do outside. For us, the heat is a challenge. Just yesterday the high was in the low nineties and we played a 3 hour game of tennis in the middle of the day. While that sounds crazy, we know we can handle the heat because we have a secret weapon: a newly upgraded HVAC system. Since we made the upgrade, our A/C has been blasting cool air like we live on the North Pole. We’re able to get our exercise during the hot summer months because we know that when we come home our air conditioner will cool us off pronto. After our work out, we turn down the thermostat and take a shower, and by the time we’ve finished bathing our house is cool and comfortable. The best part is that this new HVAC system also heats the house during the cold months of winter. No longer do we dread running through snow or subzero temperatures because our house is always the perfect temperature to help us stabilize after a long workout. Before we had this system we used to have to put space heaters in every room just to keep the house at a livable minimum. Of course, that proved to be inefficient and expensive. With our new furnace and air conditioner our house is at a reasonable temperature and we’ve even seen a stark dip in our utility bill throughout the year.

HVAC maintenance plan