I don’t like to sit around

Every time a HVAC technician would come to our home to fix our HVAC system, we would hear a different story. A few months ago, we had an air conditioner repairman tell us that the system wasn’t cooling because we needed a new fan. So, we replaced it. That seemed to help, but within a week, we still felt that the house was too warm and muggy. We called our HVAC provider, again.  A HVAC technician showed up and re-checked the system. He said that we were low on coolant. He added coolant, we paid him, again, and then he left. The cold front left our area, and the weather heated up quickly. We still couldn’t get the house cool enough. It seemed as if the fan was struggling to maintain 79 degrees. We knew this wasn’t normal, because our 3-ton HVAC unit was new and large enough to handle our space. Eventually, we called a reputable HVAC provider in our area. I was anxious about dealing with a new HVAC company, but we were desperately seeking sound advice and a solution to our cooling problems. After telling the HVAC technician the history of our HVAC problems, he immediately asked if he could climb around the attic to inspect the air ducts. The air conditioning repairman said that the problems are in our ductwork. Air was escaping from the system because some of the ducts weren’t sealed properly. Also, one of the ducts collapsed and was restricting the airflow. He said that the reason I thought the fan was struggling was because it was trying to push the cool air, but the air wasn’t moving through the air ducts, effectively. We replaced the ductwork. Now the airflow is balanced better and the HVAC cools the house down much faster.

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