I don’t need a new ventilation system

When I first bought my bakery, I knew that the ventilation system in the store, was going to need to be replaced.

The first thing iI did was to go to a HVAC contractor and ask about having a new ventilation system installed. I had two ovens and I wanted to have separate ventilation hoods over each oven. The HVAC tech told me it wasn’t going to be a problem. He set up new exhaust fans, pipes, and he even put in a new ansul system for me. The inspector loved the work the HVAC tech did and he told me I passed inspections. Fast forward two years and I was having trouble with the one ventilation hood. I called the HVAC company and I requested the same HVAC tech that had initially installed the ventilation hoods, but they said he had gone to another company. They refused to tell me what company he had gone to and offered to send me another technician. When the new technician showed up, he didn’t seem to know anything about ventilation hoods and he told me that I probably just needed a new hood. This one was just two years old. I knew that I didn’t need a new ventilation hood and if it needed anything, it was just a new fan motor. Since my ventilation system was still under warranty, I wanted to have it fixed. I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere with this young man since he admitted he didn’t have any experience on ventilation systems. I thanked him for his input and I decided to call the manufacturer of the ventilation system.

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