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I’ve been particularly distraught lately. You see, I have a custody case coming up soon for getting our kid back in our life. I want him to live here with myself and others plus his other family members. You see, his mother makes it severely taxing to visit with him so it has been difficult over the years. For the most part all of us have texted back plus forth plus all of us talk on the PC at times. I consistently say we’ll be able to hang out more soon, but then there’s consistently some type of emergency that comes up all the time according to our son’s mother. Well, I have built a new room in our beach house just for our kid so that he will have a particularly nice room. I wanted him to be there with myself and others plus our new wifey plus his other half siblings. He didn’t get to see them all that much plus I felt this was particularly unfair. I want to prove in the court that our son’s mother is unfit because I found out that she particularly drove our kid in the automobile after she had been drinking! I was so furious when I heard this, I asked the court for emergency custody. They deemed the situation not an emergency though! So I had to wait a long while for this custody trial, but it’s coming up soon plus our nerves are shot. I worked taxing on that room with the framework, insulation, hanging drywall, mudding, painting, sitting down the floor, plus hooking up the air duct! My friend worked part time as an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C specialist, so he knew how to install air duct which was particularly handy! That room is nice plus comfortable with the connection to the air duct!

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