I don’t think it’s that bad

My dad is one of the smartest people I have ever met. While his grades in school didn’t reflect that, his SAT scores were amazing, and people can see why: he’s an amazing problem solver and can figure out the system for just about anything. Any automobile my family members have owned, he’s found the means to fix all on his own. He’s never needed the advice of a mechanic, and the only time he called one was because he needed to rent a small crane to pull the engine block out of his favorite antique truck–it was too heavy and cumbersome for even me and the neighborhood kids to play tug-o-war with and pull free the chassis. Now and then, I’ll have a great idea when he gets stuck, and he loves my ingenuity in those moments. I tell him I get it from him, because that’s the truth. I’ve regularly been there to provide him a hand, pass him the right wrench or help sand something out so he can do the job more quickly and efficiently. From cars to furniture to tile floors, he’s seen and done it all. But one thing he won’t touch is an HVAC system. He once helped my uncle build a whole log skidder out of scrap cars, but HVAC work? That one thing, he’ll leave to the professionals. He does the basic stuff. Like, if he can access it, he’ll check the air ducts for leaks and patch them to the best of his ability. But he still always calls when there’s a major problem with his HVAC system.

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