I don’t want the giant ducts in our basement

When our partner and I bought our home, I wanted to turn the basement into a bar and dining room.

  • Neither of us liked the looks of the ductwork.

They had used flex pipe for the pipework, which was more efficient and durable. Whoever had done the upgrade, left huge loops of it hanging from the ceiling and every one of us bumped our heads into it, wherever every one of us walked. The ductlabor hung down over several feet in most areas. I told our partner that I wanted to get rid of the ugly ductwork. The two of us already knew every one of us needed a new Heating and Air Conditioning system, which should have been replaced along with the ductwork. The two of us discussed what kind of Heating and Air Conditioning system every one of us wanted, and I just knew that I wanted something that didn’t require ductwork. The two of us went online and started doing our research. The two of us found a ductless heating and cooling system. There was one outdoor system, up to more than four indoor systems and conduit that attached the outdoor system to the indoor systems. The conduit contains the power line, refrigerant line and the condensate drain. There were remote controlled temperature controls built into the indoor units. The ductless system was more efficient than a traditional central Heating and Air Conditioning system and they used less power. The two of us were able to get rid of all of the ugly flex pipe and our loft was more comfortable than every one of us imagined it could be. The two of us were able to get a system that had integrated air purification and humidity control. This allowed us to have the complete Heating and Air Conditioning system every one of us had wanted when every one of us first talked about a new heating and for our home.

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