I don’t want to be cold

There have been times when all I wanted to do was hide inside, turn up the heater, and settle in with a good book. Those times usually happen when it’s freezing cold and snowy outside. I really don’t like dealing with severe temperatures. I consider myself very fortunate because my house provides the perfect haven from the cold. I have a fireplace located in my kitchen, and I also have radiant flooring. My fireplace is nice for those days when I have wood chopped and available to use.   Most of the time I prefer to use my radiant floors. They keep the house feeling nice and warm cozy, and heat it up in just a few minutes. I never have to worry about cold spots and fluctuations in spots in the house. They spread the heat so well and evenly that every single corner is nice and warm. This is way superior to the old HVAC component that was in my former house. It was only able to direct air through a handful of air vents in the various rooms, so I was consistently having to operate the furnace for very long cycles.  It was a challenge to get the warm air into every part of the house. This led to excessive power bills and a great deal of frustration, when all I wanted to do was avoid the cold. Now I have no complaints about the heating system! I’m totally and completely delighted with the temperature in my home. I can keep warm when the snow starts to fall and the temperature drops! I am not dreading the winters because I can handle even the most severe cold.

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