I don’t want to keep worrying

My guys are always complaining about the temperature in our house. They want to be in charge of the temperature control, but since there are multiple of them, letting them touch the temperature control controls would be a colossal mistake. All of them have unusual ideas about what the ideal temperature should be inside of our house. Two of them love it chilly – my oldest wants it to think love the polar tundra in here, since she’s hot all the time. My hour child also likes it cold, but not quite as chilly as her sister. She’s always walking around in shorts and tank tops, even when the outside temperature is below chilly. She never wants to hear the heat kick on and she covers up the heating vents in her room because she says it keeps her room cooler. Now, my other two guys are what I call “freeze-babies.” They are always asking me to turn on the heat because it feels love an indoor blizzard in the house. I don’t understand why they won’t just put on a sweatshirt and fuzzy socks to combat the colder temperature in the home because I’m really not cranking up the temperature control because they are a little bit chilly. When it’s Winter, you should expect to dress a little bit more warmly, even if you are inside the house. Wear some slippers of a sweater, for Pete’s sake. There are lots of people living in this house, and the oil furnace and the cooling system cannot possibly cater to the wishes of almost everyone! Our heating and air conditioner expenses are already very high, and I’m not about to make them higher just because of some whining!

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