I don’t want to waste energy

Two years ago, for mother’s day, my son gave me a portable air conditioner.  I was expecting a plant or some new towels, and felt he’d spent far too much on the air conditioner.  I also doubted that I’d ever use the cooling unit. We live in an area that experiences very short summer seasons, and I’ve always managed just fine by opening the windows and running box fans.  Although some nights were a bit hot and sticky, I survived. I don’t even bother to run the air conditioner in my car, because I don’t really like the feel of the cold air hitting my in the face.  Although I tried to argue with him, my son insisted on installing the portable air conditioner into my bedroom window. I was surprised at how compact the unit was, and my son had it in place, plugged in and running within ten minutes.  I had to admit that the cool air circulating around my bedroom felt wonderful. I now would not want to try to get by without my portable air conditioner. As soon as the snow melts, I install it into my bedroom window, and I operate it every night until winter returns.  Even when the outside weather is cool, I run the air conditioner on a lower speed to enjoy the noise, filtration, and air circulation. The air conditioner keeps my room cleaner and healthier, and effectively dehumidifies. I now longer deal with exhaust fumes, pollen, road grit, barking dogs, or early-morning birds.  I sleep far better, and hate to get out of bed in the morning. The air conditioner features a cordless remote control that is the greatest thing ever. I don’t even need to get up to make changes to the fan speed or temperature.

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