I earned my keep!

Last night when I was going to bed, I was checking on my SMSs. As I was scrolling through them, I noticed that I had  earned an amazing offer on a trip to the beach for three afternoons. The offer only lasted for 24 hours, however it sounded almost too good to be true. A beach house, a rental car, as well as a free surfing lesson were all included! Before I could talk myself out of it, I went ahead as well as bought it. Two afternoons later, I arrived at my holiday house. It looked almost the same as it did online, until I walked inside. I noticed how hot it was inside, as well as after that all of us noticed that there was no air conditioner installed in the house. There wasn’t even a ceiling fan to keep the air moving! It was almost ninety more than 2 degrees outside as well as I was perspiring bullets, so I called the buyer service number that was written down on the table. After waiting on hold for almost half an hour, I finally connected with a guy who apologized for the inconvenience. Apparently the beach condo was just built, as well as the HVAC company in town had not yet had a single of their employees come as well as put in an air conditioner. He told myself and others that in a short while an HVAC tech would be out to install the air conditioner unit. After waiting for a few hours, I finally hear a knock at my door. It was the HVAC tech, as well as he hands myself and others a mini portable air conditioner device as well as then goes back to his truck as well as drives off, and so all I have to stay cool this month is a measly portable air conditioner unit. I believe I learned my lesson about taking “last hour” holiday deals on sketchy websites!

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