I ended up marrying into a whole family of HVAC workers

Not only did I find the man of my dreams, however I found a Heating plus Air Conditioning machine specialist.

Actually, my spouse is a Heating plus Air Conditioning machine contractor and not just a specialist.

He owns his own business and he does the plans and all the blueprints for the Heating plus Air Conditioning machines in modern and outdated residences. He is seriously talented and just in the last year, he has doubled his task load. We were engaged for several years before the two of us got married, because of his backload of work. WE wanted to make sure the two of us had a good amount of time for a honeymoon. We planned for the wedding to be in the backyard of my parent’s residence. I assume the two of us should been watching the weather report because it poured the entire time. We actually had a tent, however there was a leak in the tent. It was so blazing hot and humid in the tent that people were getting set to leave and the meal wasn’t even over. I looked over to the side of the tent where the hole was and I noticed that somebody was already working on repairing the hole. Three other guys were wiring several air conditioner machines into the electric panel and there was another dude who was carrying in a large fan with 3 more waiting to be set up. I married into a group of Heating plus Air Conditioning machine specialists and they were all there to be a part of our family. I assume it was the most fun our family had when it came to a lovely get-together. I was astonished that the guys who worked for my spouse were also his friends and family. It’s kind of wild that I had to find that out at our wedding.

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