I enjoy a workout

We love cats, we have more than four kitties as pets.  The cats create a large amount of work, particularly when it comes to keeping a tidy home.  I don’t want my place to smell like a kittie box. I don’t want to be with fur all over my things & carpets.  Because of the weird weather in my locale, I only every so often get to open the windows so I can take advantage of nice airflow.  For the majority of our year, the house is closed up tight to prevent energy spillage. I am forever relying on either the gas furnace or A/C system, plus I wonder about indoor air purity.  Although the heating & cooling systems actively filter the environment, it’s not adequate to handle the impact of as many as four cats. Plus, the fur & dander wants to get inside the system, jams up and causes all sorts of stuff.  Any buildup of debris around the inner machine workings obstructs flow. If there’s not as much heated/cooled air blowing from the vents, it asks the system for that much more plus more effort to reach temp control settings. This delivers additional strain on components, causing more frequent breakage plus premature failure.  Longer running times should also add up to bigger energy consumption while delivering higher energy bills. To combat these things, I’ve enrolled in a service routine with a local Heating, Ventilation, & A/C business. A man comes to the house twice per annum and carefully cleans and adjusts the heating/cooling unit. He takes care of most potential issues, removes any harmful contaminants, while he makes necessary adjustments.  This service ensures good, efficient & reliable output from the gas furnace & cooling system. I have further safeguarded the unit & the health of my family by installing a whole-house air purifier.

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