I enjoy being the host for the HVAC podcast

Being a host is a weird sort of task to be honest.

I am not talking about actually working front of house at an eating establishment, by the way.

I am talking about hosting a show, along with numerous of my friends, I make a weekly podcast, in which they happen to be the experts and I am the host. I answer the emails, study the questions, do the pauses and breaks, and essentially supply the show structure. I have no expert opinion in the slightest, like my pals, however I bring something enjoyable to the table, to keep the show light and entertaining. Making a podcast about Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment repair is not really a barrel of laughs, so they need my charisma to keep the conversation going. Personally, I couldn’t care less about the subject of Heating plus Air Conditioning, because I could host a show about any subject. Beyond adjusting my control unit, or tapping it on the side of the housing when it sticks, I really know nothing about any of this. That doesn’t matter! The guys bring more Heating plus Air Conditioning experience then anyone else handling a podcast, so all I have to do is keep them focused pretty much. I actually have a job as an outside observer, and so whenever they dive too deeply into the minutia of Heating plus Air Conditioning technology I bring them back to a more mainstream place. My preferred part of the show is when I study all of the listener feedback, and pose them questions about numerous aspects of Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment upkeep and repair. They don’t really know for certain what the Heating plus Air Conditioning questions are going to be, so they have to stay on their feet and that is always exciting.

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