I feel a tad stupid

Working in the back of a retail store has its perks and its downsides! occasionally it’s an amazing time, it can also be a suck depending on the time of year. I work at a brand retailer, and I’m not much of a people person. I am pretty good at being friendly, but after a while helping people out while trying to get the job done, I just get tired. I come condo from that plus have to just take it easy for a few minutes before I have the energy to get anything done. So I told my boss to give me some minutes in the backroom to help balance myself out, and this way, I don’t need to schedule myself for less days at job in order to stay somewhat mentally unstable. They listened, but not until the Winter time. I was lucky to escape the holiday crowds, but the backroom is crazy freezing. The store only heats the sales floor, the back has no heating or air conditioning at all. I still laugh that one day a can of soda is going to explode back here from the cold. And you can’t wear gloves, because the devices the people I was with and I use are touch screen. If I have a long shift in the places with no Heating plus A/C system, I will go to the freezer plus steal 1 of their jumpsuits. It looks like a snow suit from our outdoor section. I usually look bizzare inside of it, but I don’t know any other way to stay comfortable without any central heater. I had a section heating system once, but the store manager said it wasn’t safe and then took it. At least the people I was with and I can listen to songs plus dance around to stay toasty!

AC unit