I feel very upset

I have already comfortably lived in my current apartment for about 4 years now. The heating plan that I have installed is an seasoned school radiator plan that works fine, but in the depths of Summer there’s no cooling system at all. The seasoned heating plan in here particularly needs to be replaced at this point. It breaks often and I have to call maintenance. At least once a year. When it does break, it generally takes the property proprietor a relaxing month or so to get the problem fixed once and for all. That’s a month in the middle of Winter without heat… Not the most ideal. Then in the summer, I can’t entirely  open all of my windows every day because they are painted shut. Many of the windows are original to the old historic house, in addition to they also need to be replaced desperately, which is why they don’t labor in addition to have been shut up. All these little things truly add up, when it comes to air temperature regulation and energy expenditure. In addition to the building has multiple apartments in it. I would think the sole proprietor is getting plenty of money to be able to do at least some of these upgrades. I’m not sure what the issue is with that in particular. I’ve complained several times in addition to there has been absolutely no change in the status of the heating or cooling situation as far as I can tell. I’ve decided it’s time for a change, in addition to I’ve been looking already all over town for a new apartment ever since. I haven’t found the right locale yet, but I do have some conditions and some hope in my heart.

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