I finally agreed

My kid is into going to the gym to learn gymnastics. Only problem is the air conditioning is weak. She won’t let the air quality stop her though. She also has a bunch of friends at the gym and I believe that’s why she would never want to move along to an odd gym with a better HVAC system, but when I have asked the owners about the thermostat settings, they said it’s pricey to heat plus cool a gym of such a large big size so they have to keep it at a particular setting… One day I decided to compromise with the owners of the gym and make a deal. I told them that I would pay to have a HVAC duct cleaning for the gym HVAC program unit if they would turn up the air conditioner just a little bit. They thought about it and finally agreed to do that. These days when I take our child to her gym for gymnastics, it’s a lot more comfortable than what it used to be. The cleaning of the HVAC duct caused the HVAC program to work so efficiently, that the owners are more than cheerfully happy to keep the thermostat at a reasonable level. They have told myself and others that the savings on the energy bills from the HVAC duct cleaning are undoubtedly fabulous! I was so glad I was able to help at the end of the day. It’s helped a lot of people!