I finally understand the costs

My mom wasn’t able to visit me very much, but when she did, she brought her entire furry family. I just had a baby and thought she would leave them home this trip. It was already stressful enough with a newborn. But, she brought them with her. I told myself I could handle this for one week and she was visiting others while she was here. It I had been a few years, after all, since I saw my mom. So, I was ecstatic for the visit and adjusted my attitude. It was the middle of Springtime, and I was running the cooling system unit already with the heat climbing. The central cooling system works pretty well for my home and I knew mom would request this cool indoor environment. Just two days into her visit, I started to notice stains on my rugs. I asked mom if her dogs were doing this. She  assured me it was water dripping from their jaws and that was it. I knew it was pee with the smell! When the cooling system had a temporary malfunction, I could smell the strong scent of pee. The cooling system was covering up the smell for a few days. But, now I could smell pet urine everywhere. My mother began to apologize when she realized it was her animals, too. She offered to get the carpets cleaned for me, to which I did not turn down the offer! Until the cooling system was going to be up and working again, I could smell the pets all over my home. There wasn’t an inch of the flat, that didn’t smell like mildew, pet, or urine that upset me with my new baby. By the time mom needed to leave, I was ready to have the entire space sanitized, fumigated, and scrubbed.

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