I find this challenging

Do you know what kind of home furnishings you prefer? I have recently been shopping for furniture and wall treatments and window coverings and the like. It is time to update the look in my home and make it more like me. Each time I visit a furniture store, the first question the salesperson asks me is, “What style furniture do you like?” The answer is I have no idea. I have, so far, been unable to find the home furnishings I want to bring into my home. I have a large window and want something to go in front of it, but I can’t find anything. I think the time has come to move away from the stores that sell mass-produced furniture and go, instead, to a nearby fine custom furnishings studio. There is one nearby, and I am hopeful that their interior design service can help me and their craftsmen can design and build custom furniture that perfectly suits the needs I have as I enter into my later years and retirement. I want comfort, but I want a minimum of fussiness. I no longer wish to spend my time dusting and slaving over the upkeep of multiple pieces of furniture with intricate carvings and details. I long for clean, simple lines that afford me the function I need and the beauty I crave. I don’t want a frilly house, but I do want a feminine presence as well as a masculine one. I want comfort and a place where we can all put our feet up and where cooking is simpler and life is loving and warm without being suffocating. My friend tells me I am describing transitional furnishings. I hope my fine custom furnishings dealer can help me achieve the look and feel I want.

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