I find this kind of silly

My best friend and I wish karma would actually happen to someone we know. I have this ex-boyfriend named Zach that is a total loser. He is mostly a horrible person and totally is deserving of a sucky life. I want him to be miserable and have a challenging life. Zach totally deserves it after how he treated me. He went into the marine corps and I thought that would take care of itself. Marines get stationed in many different places all over the country. I was hoping for him to be stationed somewhere far up north. The north can be brutal. It snows throughout the year and black ice covers the roads. You cannot go without a heating system on constantly. Living without a heater is often a death sentence in that kind of cold. I would love having Zach run around in the snow without a heater and living the life of a marine. Did he get that form of deal that karma could give him? Nope, Zach is actually stationed on a tropical island that is extremely breathtaking. He can swim inside the ocean every morning and be surrounded by a white sandy beach. The island never has a cold season so his biggest concern is most likely if he has enough air conditioning around him. Don’t worry, the island is not in poverty by any means. There is quality cooling system all over because of how wealthy it truly is. Zach is totally living the sweet life. I bet he drinks booze out of pineapples and coconuts while calming in air conditioning. How fair is that? I thought karma would catch up with him. I am in no way happy about this.

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