I follow the AC to the ends of the earth

My favorite locale is wherever there is an air conditioner working.

I did not grow up using air conditioner.

I was not used to it in my home life. I can remember going to see my friend’s apartment and occasionally thinking that their houses were entirely cold because they had air conditioners that I wasn’t ready for. I did not entirely guess that I was missing anything back in the day when I was younger by not having air conditioner. I guess it was probably entirely a fantastic thing that I grew up that way because it taught myself and others the fact that air conditioner is legitimately not necessary for survival. It is nice to have, although I can undoubtedly live separate from it for many years. I don’t care about having an entitled attitude about it. I would rather choose to be thankful that every day I have an air conditioner in my apartment at all. With all of that being said, I entirely care about having this air conditioner and as long as I have the ability to get air conditioner, I will absolutely have it. I don’t even care about to go outside in the heat anymore after enjoying this AC so much. I care about to just be where the air conditioner is at. It has truly been quite a change for me. I used to not care very dearly about being in the air conditioner because that was weird to me, now, on the other hand, care about it. Plus, I don’t care about being separate from the air conditioner. I hope that I can eventually have the privilege of having an air conditioner with amazing power one day. I just care about the air conditioner that much.

Hybrid HVAC system