I forgot to bring a sweater to our nana's house, and I regretted it

My Grandpa is a deranged old man, and he is a hardened man, who can sit strenuous in the face of nearly everything, but I hate going to his house; It isn’t that his beach house is boring.

I just can’t sit how much he uses his cooling system.

In fact, during the entire year, he sets his thermostat too low for anyone else to be comfortable but himself, then when I first started going as a kid, I realized that it wasn’t possible to survive his Heating, Ventilation and A/C settings without a blanket and warm clothes. Even in the middle of the summer, the cooling system would run so often that I would have to wear a jacket to stay warm. In the winter, our Grandpa would rarely use his furnace, meaning that his beach house was unnaturally cold… During the afternoon, it wasn’t strenuous to get along with our Grandpa and his temperatures. Wearing jeans and a sweatshirt would make you pretty comfortable, regardless of how much the cooling system was running. It was the night time that was awful. He would adjust the thermostat right before he went to bed because the cooling system would help him to sleep better; My Grandpa didn’t have a lot of heavy blankets, so I would have to bring our own! A few afternoons, I forgot to bring the blanket, and it was terrible. The cooling system made our room so cold that I stayed up all night cuddled into a ball trying to sleep. Eventually, I would have to dump our suitcase on top of myself and others to stay warm. How can anyone sleep with the cooling system running like that?



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