I forgot to turn the gas furnaces off

I can’t recognize that I forgot to turn the gas furnaces off at the church, but right now, because of the pandemic that is happening all over the country, all of us are not able to meet in lady at the church, then this has made things certainly odd for the church… Since I am in charge of making sure that the thermostats are set to the typical temperature, this also means that the schedule for the thermostats had to change; I spent an entire afternoon changing the schedules of all of the thermostats at the church so that the gas furnaces wouldn’t turn on unless the temperature at the church dropped below a certain temperature.

The only thermostats that I left programmed were the thermostats that were controlling the gas furnaces in the auditorium where all of us motion pictureed our live services, but however, Last year, while preparing for one of the largest afternoons of the year, all of us had all of the gas furnaces turned on to keep the entire church warm; All of us were in most of the building, so the gas furnaces needed to keep almost everyone warm.

However, I felt appreciate such an idiot when I forgot to turn the gas furnaces off. I didn’t even realize the gas furnaces were on until I came back to the church the following week; Do you guess how much money on electricity as well as natural gas that I wasted because I didn’t remember to turn off the furnaces? I am afraid that our pastor is going to be certainly miserable with me. I wish that all of us were just having normal services again so that I wouldn’t have to worry about the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C unit.



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