I found some help for our ventilation system

I was surprised that our HVAC company didn’t have any experience with dealing with ventilation systems.

I thought that HVAC stood for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning and not just heating and air conditioner.

I told our HVAC that Ventilation was one of the words in that title and I couldn’t figure out why one of their professionals knew nothing about our system. I called the manufacturer and they gave myself and others a HVAC company that was supposed to be a business of our system. When I called the business they told myself and others they were an respected business for our ventilation system, however they were quite a distance from me. They did supply myself and others a number for a HVAC company in our section that could deal with the plan for me. I was so thrilled to find out that it was the same HVAC corporation that had installed our ventilation system. He came to our bakery and he looked at the hood. He told myself and others I was right about the fan and but he had to order a new one, he didn’t guess it would take more than a couple afternoons to get the new fan for me. I was so thrilled to hear this news and I told him how I had called another HVAC company and they wanted to replace the entire system. Three afternoons later, there was a new fan in our ventilation hood, and I was back in business. He gave myself and others his card and told myself and others that if I had any further problems that I should call him. He had left the other HVAC company so he could out on his own.


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