I found the right thermostat

Some people prefer to be surprised for their birthday or anniversary, but admittingly I do not prefer to be one of those people. The people I spend some time with plus myself are not easily impressed by these types of unexpected surprises. Most of the time for all of us, these surprises seem to really be quite a shocker. This type of shocking surprise seem to honestly happen a few multiple weeks ago, when the people I was with plus myself were planning a pretty large anniversary surprise for our parents. The people plus myself had honestly tried to plan out all of the details, plus we had a multiple types of beverages + foods for our friends plus family. The beach condo was packed with multiple people, plus everyone of us were waiting for my mom plus pop to arrive to the beach condo. Well the people I was with plus myself were equally waiting for the surprise, the heating + air conditioning plan stopped functioning in a proper manner. There wasn’t a single bit of cool air emanating from the heating plus air conditioning plan, but a few of us decided to look into the issues before mom and pop arrived to the condo. As we were trying to repair the heating plus air conditioning plan, our parents walked through the store without a single person yelling surprise. This was honestly not my idea of what this surprise was supposed to be, but at least the people I was with plus myself were able to get the air conditioning plan working once again.

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