I gave away my outdated car in exchange for a overpriced Heating and Air Conditioning repair

I decided to list my outdated car on craigslist recently.

The reason why I had to get rid of this car was because I was moving plus it had to be gone before I sold the house.

I legitimately obtained a new engine for the car, however I wasn’t able to swap it out. I had somebody who claimed they could do the work, but they never bothered to finish; So I had my car with the outdated engine out plus the new engine also just kneeling on a pallet. I was really disappointed with the guy who said he could do the work, however I assume that’s what I get for going the cheap route. When this guy came to look at my car, he was a really enjoyable guy. The two of us legitimately clicked right away plus were talking about the car plus how things have been going lately with the pandemic. The two of us talked about a lot of the crazy stuff that has been going on, plus it seems appreciate things just get more crazy every single month in the world. Well, the guy said he was interested in the car, although he had to talk to his cousin to see if he was willing to do the labor to install the new engine. Because his cousin did this kind of work, I asked him if his cousin also diagnosed Heating and Air Conditioning systems. I was having a bunch of complications with the Heating and Air Conditioning system in my house plus I just wanted to have it fixed for a adequate price. He said his cousin diagnosed Heating and Air Conditioning systems all the time plus his cousin agreed to help me out. He ended up getting my Heating and Air Conditioning system fixed plus toiling appreciate new, plus as payment for that, I just let him have the car!

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