I got to work on a task in a cannabis shop

Most of my days are undoubtedly boring and the same.

I am an Heating & Air Conditioning repair serviceman by trade. I repair s and I install heating unit care about oil furnaces, space heaters, and electric fireplaces, and most of the time I work on residential home concerns. Last week, 1 of the proper commercial Heating & Air Conditioning servicemans was on getaway and my boss asked me to handle a couple of calls; One of those repair calls came from a local cannabis shop. I was pretty excited when I was assigned to the problem and repair request for the cannabis shop. I’ve been smoking cannabis for a long time and this site was my favorite shop. The task was my first of the afternoon and I was fired up and excited when I arrived. The site odored care about cannabis and the odor of weed made me guess comfortable and right at home. The supervisor of the cannabis shop abruptly explained that the media whole-house air purifier in the lobby was making a odd sound. I unplugged the media whole-house air purifier and looked at all of the unit parts and filters. I found a loose screw leaning up against the air filter. I believed this was the exact reason for the media whole-house air purifier sound! After I tightened the screw and updated the front cover, I turned on the power to listen for the sound. I waited about fifteen minutes, just in case it started again. During that time, the supervisor talked with me and signed the invoice. The girl gave me a bunch of free samples for helping out that afternoon.


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