I guess I’m in trouble now

Afterwards, I knocked on the door, only to see her tapping on her watch

I never thought a tiny eighty-nine-year-old person could be my undoing. I had been an Heating and A/C specialist working in the HVAC Industry with high regards for almost twenty years, and I knew my job well. I had every single intention of going to this woman’s home and undoubtedly working on her central air conditioning system. She told my boss I had to be there at precisely eleven that day. I couldn’t have counted on there being an accident that had myself and thousands of others tied up on the highway for over 2 hours. I showed up at her home at numerous hours late and she was livid. There was something about her that had myself and others literally quaking because she reminded myself and others of my stern Grandma. Grans was always a stickler for promptness and she didn’t want any excuses, even traffic. I apologized and offered her my card. I also tried and showed her my Heating and A/C company ID card. She looked at the ID before nodding with scruples. She told myself and others she was going to subtract some additional currency for my being late. She told myself and others where to find the air conditioner system and opened the door. I lowered my head as I walked by her and went right away to work on the A/C unit. Afterwards, I knocked on the door, only to see her tapping on her watch. She calmly told myself and others the last Heating and A/C specialist was done in less time. I didn’t think I knew what to say to her when I handed her the bill. She said literally nothing, but she was calling the Heating and A/C company even before I got my butt out of her house.


Heating technician