I had a big surprise for my fiance

Over the last couple of years, I have had several problems with the HvAC system.

  • They are now getting worse as the years pass.

My fiance likes to tell me that we need to replace the HVAC system. I insisted that it had a few good years left in it. I knew that it didn’t really, but I had to keep hoping. I already had a savings account set up. It was just for the HVAC system. When I saw how high our energy bills were becoming, and how much it was beginning to cost for the repairs, I had to admit the truth. The HvAC system was about at the end of its life. I still didn’t have enough money and I had to wait just one more year. I was going to do everything I could, including changing the air filters every week, to keep the HvAC system running. She even snapped at me. She told me that we were going to continue paying a fortune to the HvAC company if we didn’t soon have it repaired. The day finally came and so did the opportunity to have the HVAC system replaced. I had enough money to have radiant heated flooring installed in the house. I was going to have a Smart Thermostat installed because she had been asking for one. When she gets home from visiting her sister, I know she’ll be pleased and surprised. She may even agree to marry me again. I can’t wait for her to come home so I can show off all that I accomplished while she was away.

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