I had a great dinner date

I am so over residing in this big apartment. It’s such a pain to wash up. Most places where people live you can tell when it’s beginning to get dirty. You can see all of the dirt building up as well as then you take the time to scrub up as well as then you are all set, not with this place however. Most of the days, the rooms are all so pushed around that you don’t notice the dirt and dust getting made in all the rooms. Then on a single day, you notice it all at once. There is also so much used up energy. I spend so much dough on our energy bills just to keep all of the rooms cool, when most of the time I am never even at the house! I have no partner or cats back at home that need it to be on and cooling, so it is literally just being idle that whole time. Even the rooms that I do need to be cooled down are hard to maintain. My heating as well as cooling plan is certainly far away from where our residing room in. My living room is on the 3rd floor, however the air conditioning system unit is all the way on the second. More often than not, our room will still be super hot as well as sticky when I am heading to bed simply because our heating as well as cooling plan is not strong enough to reach up in my third floor bedroom! I realize this is not something to talk about, however to me it is a pressing concern.

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