I had a nice birthday this year

The other day when I was going to call up my buddy to help me work on my car, I heard my wife on the phone talking to some guy. She paused and asked if somebody picked up the phone, but I remained perfectly silent so she couldn’t hear me. She continued talking to the guy while I listened. She was talking about a new HVAC system and how she wanted it to be a surprise for her husband. It became clear that she was talking to an HVAC technician because he was going over all the options with her on the phone. She was saying that the radiant heated floors sounded the best and that she definitely wanted to get her husband a nice smart thermostat because he was really into the newest technology. I hung up after she did and then I was acting nonchalant in the kitchen just making a sandwich. She gave me a funny look and then asked if I was listening on the house phone. I said no, why would she ask me that? She then smiled and said she definitely heard me pick up the phone! I said she got me, but I definitely wanted a nice cooling system with rapid cooling for the house too. She laughed and hit me and said I spoiled the surprise for my birthday! I shrugged and said well, if you’re going buy a whole new HVAC system, might as well get it right! I had a nice birthday, and I was very impressed with the new HVAC system in the house! The radiant heated floors were especially nice!