I had some good ideas

When my friend, Bill, moved into his house, there was a lot of work to be done.  The house had been vacant for quite some time, plus everything was in bad condition.  I spent a good deal of time and energy, plus his money, cleaning up the yard, replacing appliances, and upgrading the plumbing and electric.  The house was equipped with a fairly old boiler, and I figured it would need to be replaced. Bill hired a local heating company to look it over and provide a recommendation of what to do with it.  The company told him that despite the age of the boiler, it was in unquestionably superb shape and still able to produce heat efficiently. They recommended that he tear out the old radiators and replace them with either baseboard heat or radiant flooring.  Bill decided on a combination of the two, using the radiant flooring in the bedrooms, bathrooms and living room. He’s been very happy with that funky old boiler and has had no issues with it. It easily handles the demands of the home, operates silently and runs efficiently.  The radiant flooring is the big winner of the entire house. He says it’s a real luxury to walk on cozy-warm floors in the winter months. The boiler also allowed Bill to take advantage of zone control, which facilitates room-by-room temperature settings, catering to his personal preferences. It also provides energy- efficient usage.  The boiler also supplements his water heater, saving him about twenty percent off water heating costs every year. Since moving in, he’s added a snowmelt system to the garage, driveway and outdoor walkways, eliminating the need to plow, shovel or put down rock salt.

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