I had the fireplace lit to warm him up

Not too long ago my husband went on a two week trip for work.

Even though it was just a short time, it really seemed like. As soon as he got back, I ran to him and hugged even before he got in the door. It was snowing really hard outside and he was so cold that I shrieked! I told him to go warm up by the fireplace since I had a fire going. I wanted to spend some quality time together next to the fireplace and watch a movie, and he seemed okay with that idea. He also asked what the great smell was that was coming from the kitchen. I told him I made him his favorite lasagne. He loved that I was thinking of him. I brought the food in and asked if he wanted to eat next to the fireplace. He was telling me all about what went on on the company trip. It was funny because he was in a place where the temperature was completely different than here at home. Instead of dealing with the cold weather, it was extremely hot and they had problems with the air conditioning system during their company meetings. I thought that was kind of funny because it was really cold outside here at home. I was thankful that he was back home and I was able to crank up the thermostat a little more. I wanted it to be nice and warm for him. I like having the combination of the furnace and the fireplace. The fireplace really makes the utility bills lower and the gas furnace doesn’t have to work as hard.

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