I had to have the furnace fixed

My parents used to tell me that I should enjoy my birthdays while I was young. They said that the presents would stop when I got older. They even told me that the older I got, I would probably just get phone calls to tell me happy birthday. When I turned twenty, I didn’t expect anything other than a family party, or maybe a phone call. I guess word got around that my girlfriend and I were buying a condo and I not only got a party, but I got a lot of cash from family. I thought the cash was going to be great for us to be able to get a new living room set for the condo. I was really off with that assumption. We weren’t in the condo for more than two nights than we realized there was a problem with our heating system. We called the HVAC company and they told us we needed a new furnace. I was under the assumption that the furnace was in good shape, but I was wrong. I hadn’t thought about the money that I got for my birthday and I was going over my finances when my girlfriend got home from school. She shivered and asked me why I didn’t turn the thermostat up when I got home. She tried adjusting the thermostat and that was when she realized that the furnace wasn’t working. She said about the money from my birthday and how this would be a good way to spend it. I didn’t want to use the money for a new furnace, but I guess we didn’t have a choice.

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