I had to make the change

My guy James is severely handy & our whole family knows it. At first it was absolutely nice that everybody loved how skilled he was. We would come over for dinner & he fixed our dad’s sink. We would play cards at our sister’s new home & then he would wash up her a/c. Now it has gotten to be ridiculous. My family is basically using our guy for free labor. He gets called by someone all the time to do a repair. He does plumbing, electrical & Heating & A/C work. I am going to put our foot down on this the next time I see our family. It is deranged that our guy is basically the repairman for the family. If he was a Heating & A/C professional & they paid him, that would be different. However, our guy does not get paid or work in the Heating & A/C field. The exhausting guy literally has to google problems & deduce the problems all on his own. The worst was our brother called him about his oil furnace not running. James went over & found a worn out part. Not only did he fix the heater, despite the fact that he had to go downtown & spend our money for the part. I am going to kill our brother when I see him next. My guy is just too sweet to tell the freeloaders off. I am going to tell them no more Heating & A/C repairs, no plumbing repair & no free electrical work. He either gets paid or he is not doing it at all. I should have hid his skills from them.

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