I had to stay at a odd house

Last night, I had to stay at a apartment other than my own.

I don’t often spend the night at a current location.

I am a single adult, and I am also an introvert. I regularly believe the most comfortable by myself at my own house. Since I am an adult, I also don’t spend the night at other people’s houses. However, I had traveled to see my family after a few years, and whenever I visit my family, I usually stay the night. For me, the worst section about sleeping in someone else’s apartment is the temperature and the Heating & A/C units, when I am by myself, I am the only one who makes decisions about the Heating & A/C units. I like to have the temperature chilly in my house, so I use the central cooling system a lot. The central cooling system keeps my apartment honestly cool. Sure, the electricity bill is high in the Summer while using my central cooling system, despite the fact that I save a lot more currency by not having to use my furnace too often during the winter. However, at the apartment that I was staying at, I had to deal with their Heating & A/C units, however my parents don’t even own an cooling system, so their apartment was honestly hot. I became uncomfortable suddenly, but there was nothing that I could do since they don’t own an cooling system. I slept horribly without the cooling system, and I was honestly thankful when I was able to come apartment and turn on my cooling system. The Heating & A/C units are just one reason why I don’t like to stay at someone else’s apartment often.
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