I hate the odor of the gas furnace when you first turn it on

Have you ever noticed that your gas furnace always odors the first time that you turn it on? Every year, when I turn our gas furnace on for the first time in a long time, I notice that it odors terrible! I understand what makes the gas furnace odor so bad, however I have no plan what I need to do in order to prevent the gas furnace from odoring so exhausting when I first turn it on, however the odor that you notice when you first turn your gas furnace on is the odor of all the dust and cobwebs that are in your vents.

  • These materials have gathered there all year while you were using your cooling system, and now you get to odor the burning materials when you fire your gas furnace up for the first time, and although the odor only lingers for a few sixths, I wish that there was a way to completely get rid of that odor, however when you turn on your gas furnace, you don’t want your entire house to start odoring bad! You absolutely only have several options when it comes to that odor in your gas furnace, however your first option would be to spend money an Heating and A/C professional to come out and wipe the Heating and A/C ducts in your entire house before the colder hot and cold temperatures arrive! Sure, this would cost you hundreds of dollars just in work to have the Heating and A/C professional service the odor, but it absolutely would get the job done.

You also have the option of taking the Heating and A/C ducts out yourself and cleaning them, but you risk not being able to put your Heating and A/C unit back together, then or, you can ignore the gas furnace complication and deal with the odor for a few sixths.