I have a few suggestions

If there’s one thing I am, it’s old fashioned. When I was a kid, everything was done with our bare hands. The technology that my kids are blessed with wasn’t even an idea back in my day. Now everything is so technologically advanced that it seems to have a mind of its own! I wasn’t exactly excited about it until my son Alex got me into the hype of it all. I am by myself in a tiny home outside of town. I think my home is perfect with all of the appliances it has, but Alex thinks it should all be replaced. I don’t replace anything unless it’s completely broken, so I didn’t take his advice seriously at all. Last month, however, I had no choice in the matter when my air conditioner completely broke down. I called Alex to see if he would come take a look at my HVAC equipment. After he inspected it, Alex told me I needed to completely replace my heating and air conditioning system. I put the matter into his hands since he was so keen on replacing my appliances. He took advantage of this by getting me a smart thermostat for my home. I thought he had just wasted his money at first, but my mind quickly changed when Alex showed me what this system was capable of. I can change the home’s temperature right from my bed with the tap of a button on my phone. I don’t have to get out of bed to adjust the thermostat anymore. This is great since I have noticed it’s getting harder for me to get out of bed these days. I’m glad Alex knows me well enough to get an appliance that suits my needs.

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