I have a good job now

People tend to develop quirks as they get older. They get set into a certain habit of doing things, and it takes an act of God to dissuade them from it. I believe when you’ve lived long enough, you’re justified in having things your way for the remainder of your life. You’ve put up with all the crap that life has thrown at you and now it’s time to relax and care about yourself, I get it. However, whenever I visited my Grandparents home lately, I found that they set an unbearably low temperature on the thermostat. I don’t remember them preferring it ice frigid in my younger years, however now they insist on it. I try to avoid arguments over the thermostat with them whenever  I visit. It is their home after all. However, when it’s just as frigid in the winter, that has where I draw the line. Our winters are not necessarily mild around here, so I downright fear for their safety whenever they insist on getting such low uneven temperatures when it’s already below freezing outside. What are they thinking? Their oil furnace is admittedly pretty old and has seen better afternoons, so I decided to do something for them. I bought some portable space furnaces for them to set up in their many rooms. This way they could at least have some effective source of heat during the worst of the winter. The last time I visited their home, space furnaces were still set up everywhere, so I believe they are using them. I hope they’re not just taking them out for my benefit before I arrive!

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