I have a legal problem

You tend to believe that when you grow up and become an adult, you get to leave all of the childish complications far behind… You believe that the drama of high school and all of the teen angst is something that you will never have to worry about again in the future. And wouldn’t that be fantastic? I truly wish that were how life really was, however I’ve recently become involved in a dispute with an individual that entirely reeks of high school drama. This person was someone I had never even heard of before until I ran into them at a garage sale a little while back. I mean, I literally ran into this woman. I was walking away from a regular garage sale and she was walking toward the sale. Neither of us were watching where we were heading and we just smacked into each other. The difference is, I laughed it off and apologized whereas she believed that she was horribly disfigured and that she needed to file a lawsuit against me to force me to pay for her pain and suffering. I was entirely in disbelief. I’ve been forced to retain a civil litigation attorney since we’ve been unable to come to an amicable settlement between the 2 of us. I, of course, don’t assume that I should have to pay this person anything in the slightest, and my attorney believes the same thing. He honestly thinks that the lawsuit will not even continue throughout the civil court circuit. He thinks that a judge will look at her and easily laugh. I’m really nervous, though. I’m truly happy that my civil litigation attorney will be there to represent me throughout the hearing, arbitration, and mediations. Hopefully we will be able to get rid of the drama once and for all and I won’t ever need a civil litigation attorney again in the future!

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