I have a sauna at home, too

When my friends told me that they were packing up to go to the gym the other day I looked at them as if they were completely insane.

Why would you go into a public space like a gym while the viral numbers are still increasing on a daily basis? They told me that they simply couldn’t get the same quality of work out at home and they were desperate to get back to their normal routines.

I can understand wanting to stay physically fit, but I think that their reasoning is flawed. One of the major components of their desire to go back to the gym was using a sauna. Apparently, my best friends just can’t get by without a good steam. Personally, I would never go into a hot and humid room where other people are filling the space with their breathing during a pandemic. Besides, I tried to tell them that I created my own sauna at home. It’s actually relatively simple to create a hot and humid environment that you can fully relax and rejuvenate in. You simply need to close your air vents, turn off the central cooling system, and lock your bathroom door. The first step is to cut all power to your air conditioning system so you aren’t accidentally pumping any cool air into the space. Secondly, close your air vents so that none of your hot and humid air can escape to the rest of the house. Then, you want to lock yourself in the room with a few space heaters and turn your shower as hot as it will go. Run the steamy water for as long as you can and fill this space with as much heat as you can muster from the small portable heating systems. Boom – you have a sauna at home without the danger of catching COVID. My friends weren’t impressed.

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