I have always hated snakes, especially inside my homes

One thing that I’ve definitely always been terrified of is snakes.

I just do not like them! I know that they can be beneficial to gardens and other things such as that, although I just can’t help the fact that they provide myself and others with the creeps! Even the fact that they eat tons of rodents and all sorts of other vermin doesn’t help myself and others with our disgust of them—they are just terrifying and creepy… Anyway, since I know that snakes are also cold blooded creatures, I make sure to keep my condo honestly frosty at all times, as snakes are always looking for anywhere to heat up. And I don’t want my condo to seem hospitable to them at all. That’s why I have air conditioning in literally every section of my house. Even the basement and also the attic have air conditioning ducts and extra vents in them. I know that everyone doesn’t bother with having an air conditioning system in the non-inhabited areas in their homes. This is to save money and also energy, I suppose! But in order for me to assume that I am safe in my own home, I want the whole place to be frostier on a continual basis. If you’re ever at my condo while in the summertime, you better bring a jacket with you if you don’t love air conditioning. I keep the temperature control turned to 60 degrees on a usual basis, and no one better ever assume I’ll turn it up any higher. I have never seen a snake in my basement or attic, and I would appreciate keeping it that way. Even though my air conditioning bills are through the roof while in the summertime, it’s worth it to make the interior of my new home as snake proof as possible.



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