I have options

Owning a business will show plus teach things one might not otherwise experience.  Hand to hand combat over the office control component was nowhere on my radar though.  Our business has part in office building of no fantastic size. In fact, all the personnel basically share one big room aside from a conference room.  The heating plus cooling war began slowly but lawn was demarcated fairly quick. There was the crowd of folks that were constantly warm plus the other group could never get warm.  I was surprised to see that these battlelines were not drawn along any gender lines. It was strictly a warm blooded versus freezing blooded campaign. I wearied of this rather suddenly.  The Heating plus A/C control component was consistently being jerked back plus forth. My soaring utility bill was the proof. After doing a bit of research I found a solution I hoped would mildly satisfy both camps.  An Heating plus A/C business came in overnight plus installed a smart control unit. Well, the next morning there was a near riot since manual control of the Heating plus A/C control component could no longer be fought over.  I gathered everyone around to explain that the smart control component would learn our part plus habits. Additionally, I could program it to suit the freezing folks in the morning plus the warm folks in the morning. It took nearly a month before all the friends got on board but they did.  No more control component wars. No more cranking the control component up plus down through the morning. Peace reigns supreme plus I am saving twelve percent on my yearly bills.

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