I have plenty of time for a new air conditioner

My friends don’t always give me the greatest advice. I remember my friend Joe once told me to put $100 dollars on the Detroit Lions. Would you know it I listened and then 2008 happened. For those who don’t know, they lost every game that year. Then there is my other friend Harry. He once convinced me to buy a pet snake. Nothing against snakes, but the morning I almost died because Mr. Slithers was making his way around my head, I knew once again how hard a good friend is to find. You know now how my reaction to my friend Steve must have been when he had his own advice for me. Since we live in a colder climate where temperatures are no stranger to freezing conditions, Steve suggested I install heated flooring. At first I was very skeptical. I mean, I never had much of a problem with my heating needs in the past. It was never that big of a deal to just pump in the heat and wear a little extra. On top of that, with some of the things I have been told before, I wasn’t exactly unguarded when it came to advice. However, I have to say that Steve is a genius! Once I got a hold of my local service technician he explained all of the benefits to me, and I was completely on board. There is nothing quite like rolling out of bed and walking around on a nice toasty floor. My girlfriend Megan really loved them too. Recently I even caught her sleeping on the floor over our 2,000 dollar mattress. At least I have one friend I know I can count on.